Paper copies of all policies can be obtained free-of-charge from the school office. Please click on the link below to view the corresponding policy.

Administration of Medication Review December 2017

Admissions Policy Review December 2017

NET Academy Whistleblowing Policy Review Summer 2020

Anti-Bullying Policy Review January 2018

Attendance and Absence Review May 2018

Charging and Remissions Review September 2017

Complaints Procedure Review 2020

Complaints Form Appendix 1

Equality and Diversity Policy Review 2020

EYFS Policy Review September 2017

Exclusions Policy Review 2018

Freedom of Information Statement

GDPR Data Protection Policy Review 2020

NET Grievance Policy Review 2020

Health and Safety Document of Policies Review June 2019

Homework Expectations

Intimate Care Policy Review January 2018

Pay Policy Review September 2017

Positive Handling and Restraint Policy Review May 2019

Positive Behaviour Policy Review September 2018

Safeguarding Documentation

SEND Documentation

SEND Policy Review August 2019

Serial and Persistent Complainants Policy Review June 2020

Sex and Relationship Policy Review September 2017

Teaching and Learning Policy

Bradford Safeguarding Board contact details Allegations Management Contact Details

West Yorkshire Procedures advice Click here to access more information.

Other Statutory Policies (linked to NET) are available to view here.