Ryecroft Primary Academy believes that every child is entitled to enjoy their childhood. Children should be valued, cared for and nurtured in all aspects of their life and learning. Children should be encouraged to develop their full potential in a stimulating and caring environment . We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant to all our pupils as well as engaging and interesting for staff. This is achieved through a skills based approach to learning that allows the children to develop a range of core skills and then go on to use and apply their skills in all aspects of their learning in order to reach their full potential. As part of the curriculum each half term the children are provided with extended opportunities that allow them to develop a sense of moral purpose, values and understanding of their own and wider community, country and other cultures. These include:

  • To have visited at least 2 new places beyond Bradford
  • To have explored a beach, river and forest
  • To have performed to different audiences on two occasions
  • To have worked in a group to create a piece of work
  • To have used ICT to improve learning within the curriculum
  • To have studied an artist and produced a piece of art work for display
  • To have visited and improved a part of their school or community
  • To have communicated with children from another country
  • To have made a product
  • To have cared for a living thing
  • To have followed their own line of enquiry
  • To have taken part in a competition