Music and the Arts

Music and the arts play an important role in our curriculum here at Ryecroft Primary Academy.

In Key Stage 1, children learn to perform, listen and review music from a range of different styles, periods in time and cultures. They learn to sing musically and play percussion instruments. Children also learn to talk about music using appropriate vocabulary. Children are also given the opportunity to sing in the Key Stage 1 choir.

In Key Stage 2, children will extend their musically skills and understanding. Alongside music lessons in classes, children have the opportunity to learn the trumpet in whole class instrumental lessons. Children also are given the opportunity to sing in the Key Stage 2 choir.

The school choirs perform regularly in concerts, Education Bradford Arts Events, NET Arts Events and in competitions, run in conjunction with Tong High School. These performances offer parents the opportunity to see the progress that that their children are making and are highly valued within the school community.